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  • What We Do

    Our mission: Transform workplaces.


    Objective: An  innovative break management mobile application

    Culture is a carrier of meaning. Companies with a human-centered culture, consistently outperform competitors. We base our technique in science-driven evidence and individual focused needs.

    Booster culture

    Objective: Instill the "booster principle" in workplaces

    Highly focused work depletes energy sources and decreases neural and cellular activity. Our solution counters daily burnouts and prevents long-term exhaustion.


    Objective: Specialized content for mental and physical enhancement

    All days are not the same, so aren't our breaks. We provide the solution to start creating a better workplace in no time, with high retention rates and engaged employees. A company worth fighting for!

  • Facts & Figures

    The truth by numbers

    66% outperform competitors

    Companies with a wellness human-centered culture

    up to 20:1

    Return On Investment

    90% engagement with lifestyle programs

    Harvard Business Review

    €500 in tax incentives per employee

    Bundesministerium für Gesundheit

  • Are You In?

    We empower leaders


    We support you to:

    • create or expand a booster culture in your company
    • employ new ideas
    • promote the company profile

    HR Director

    We support you to:

    • provide innovative, easy-to-use solutions
    • attract the best talents
    • prevent daily and long term burn-out


    We support you to:

    • increase performance
    • see impact on productivity
    • make a difference


    Benefit from:

    • better health
    • higher energy throughout the day
    • lower stress levels
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